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ATHENA provides several incentives and opportunities to its affiliated research centres/institutes. More specifically:

  • It creates opportunities to interact with academic peers.

  • It shares good research practice.

  • Its members have access to a network of experts to be used as external speakers.

  • It promotes the development of fundamental and applied research in tourism, hospitality and events.

  • It promotes collaborative national and international research projects and the opportunity for bidding.

  • It supports the co-hosting and co-organisation of research events in a national and international level.

  • It fosters and supports the collaboration between ATHENA members.

  • All the individuals belonging to ATHENA members will have a 20% discount to the official conference of the association (THE INC – Tourism, Hospitality and Events INternational Conference), effective from THE INC 2024 onwards.


The membership of ATHENA is not based on individuals, but concerns research centres/institutes. To become an ATHENA member is free of charge (no fees included). To register, the members should:

  1. Actively include in their activities fundamental and/or applied research related to tourism, hospitality and/or events.

  2. Have an official website including their profile, research activities and their members (individuals).

  3. Have a designated person as a director/manager of the research centre/institute. This person will serve as a point of contact and will also be a member of the executive board of ATHENA.

  4. The members should be affiliated with a specific higher education organisation (academia) or be directed/managed by academics.


Membership Obligations

A membership in ATHENA includes a number of specific obligations. More specifically:

  • The members should be actively involved in research relevant to the fields of tourism, hospitality and/or events.

  • All members should include on their official website their affiliation with ATHENA.

  • The members are encouraged to promote collaborative initiatives towards ATHENA members.

  • ATHENA membership is valid for two years. If a member wishes to continue participating in the association, its director/manager should renew the membership in a biennial basis.

  • The members are encouraged to share research expertise and know-how with other members (e.g.: keynotes; good practices; dissemination of funding opportunities).

  • The directors/managers of ATHENA members should participate once a year in the executive board meeting of the association.

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