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AI2AI Marketing

Time: 13:00- 14:00 GMT

Date: 03rd May 2023

Place: Online via MS Teams

Price: This is a free event


Advances in artificial intelligence have allowed for the wide application of AI in marketing. The general assumption of marketing theory currently is that AI should be used by companies to enable cheaper and more effective marketing, hence it is the supply side in the ‘seller-customer’ relationship that should use the AI. However, this does not need to be necessarily true. Prof. Stanislav Ivanov will present the concept of AI-to-AI (AI2AI) marketing where artificial autonomous agents sell to other artificial autonomous agents. He will present the conceptual framework of AI2AI marketing, sketch some of the major consequences of this paradigm shift for the marketing mix and the marketing processes of companies, and outline future research directions for this topic.


Stanislav Ivanov (‘Stan’) is a Professor in Tourism Economics and Vice-Rector (Research) at Varna University of Management and Director of Zangador Research Institute. He is the founder and the Editor-in-chief of two academic journals: the European Journal of Tourism Research (indexed in Scopus and Web of Science) and ROBONOMICS: The Journal of the Automated Economy. Additionally, he serves on the editorial and review boards of over 30 other journals. He authored over 200 publications (books, book chapters, articles, conference reports, book reviews, and industry reports) in the field of robonomics, robotics, artificial intelligence and service automation, hotel marketing, hotel chains, pricing and revenue management, destination marketing and management, tourism’s impact on economic growth, political issues in tourism. Stan keeps close links with the tourism business. He has been several times lecturer at the largest events for tourism professionals in Bulgaria – Travel Academy, Hotel Investment Forum, and Destination Varna. Through Zangador Ltd., Stan conducts trainings in Hotel marketing, Pricing and revenue management, Marketing audit, etc., implements marketing research projects, and prepares specialised analyses and reports for various companies. He has specialised in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Cyprus, USA, Italy.

About the RCE Seminar Series

The public seminars are organised by the Experiential and Services Marketing Research group (ex-Responsible Customer Engagement research group) at the University of Derby and powered by ATHENA . They aim to be an open platform for academics, research and industry practitioners, ECRs, PGR and PGT students to discuss current issues and research advances in the areas of marketing, tourism, hospitality and events, providing opportunities for networking and joint collaborations. Please follow us on Eventbrite to receive updates on the next seminars.


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