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THE INC 2024: Legacy and Continuation

Dear colleagues,


On 7th June we have concluded the fourth instalment of THE INC (Tourism, Hospitality and Events INternational Conference) “Technology Enabled Competitiveness and Experiences in Tourism, Hospitality and Events” at the Hotelschool the Hague in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. THE INC is the official conference of ATHENA (Association of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Networks in Academia). For once again, THE INC 2024 has set the research output bar very high hosting six highly esteemed journals (Event ManagementInternational Journal of Tourism Research; Strategic Change; Journal of Travel Research; International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality ManagementTourism Management), generating special issues in three of those journals (IJTR; SC; EM) that are expected to be published in mid-end 2025, and having as exhibitors three of the largest publishers in the globe (CAB InternationalGoodfellow PublishersRoutledge), All these whilst 112 oral and eight poster presentations delivered from more than 170 delegates coming from more than 60 countries, across five different continents.


We would warmly like to thank our six keynote speakers, the journal editors participating in our editors’ corner session, and the ATHENA research centres’ directors participating in our ATHENA panel for their substantial scientific outputs and for inspiring all keynote sessions. We would also like to thank the Hotelschool the Hague for their exceptional hospitality, and the Universities of Derby and Sunderland, CBI, HTHRC, and CERTE for their scientific contribution and support. You can download the conference proceedings from the official website of THE INC 2024.

See you in two years at THE INC 2026, which will be held during June at the University of Algarve in Faro, Portugal.


Kind regards.

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